Interview with Founder - Jocelyn Nguyen

Connect, Collaborate, and Create

Vivefi is on a mission to help people on their creative endeavors by giving them the tools that they need to realize their dreams and potential to leverage their platforms.

We are a digital content creating platform that allows the artists at heart to integrate the creative process from ideas to visual identity - visual identity to communication - and communication to collaboration.

Today, we have an interview with our founder and CEO Jocelyn Nguyen, who built this brand from scratch and gathered a team of remote workers all over the world to channel their passions into digital content creation and their mission to build a platform where creative hustlers have a place where they could express themselves, showcase their ideas, find the perfect projects to work with, and inspire others.

1. If you have one word to describe Vivefi, what would it be? And why that one word?

“Vivify”- which means to bring to life, animate, and quicken. This one word describes exactly what it is that I’m trying to do with the “creative process”. That’s why I decided to name the tech startup that- but obviously with a different spelling. I just admire the process of bringing an idea to life, which is sort of like “creating something out of nothing”.

2. What great things have you done so far with Vivefi, and what are the future opportunities that the company is facing?

So far, the milestones with Vivefi in the past two months of launching the landing page (

  • Starting and managing to create an awesome-looking landing page to introduce the idea.

  • Forming a team organically and each of them being diverse in background, knowledge/talent, and a creator themselves.

  • Receiving a lot of feedback with this idea.

In the future......

  • Vivefi is hosting a hackathon for designers to get the chance to design/create what Vivefi’s interface could potentially be.

  • Our goal is to have Version 1 (prototype) by the end of the year for people to interact with.

3. What is your Why? What drives you every single morning to build this company and grow it together with your team?

I just look back on my journey as a creator these past few years, and reflect on how I’ve grown, and yet still not where I would like to be. Or, just wanting to do more of what I love. And it gets me thinking about the other creators out there… how they are in the same boat or the newbie trying to start. I also don’t agree with the “struggling artist” myth. I sometimes think why is that the common belief? Maybe if we actually had tools to help us more with our endeavor or career, then maybe more people can see that being “creative” is also a “stable” industry to be a part of. And maybe more people will be encouraged to try things outside their usual.

4. What are the obstacles you faced while building this community?

Some of the obstacles I am facing is learning about this new world of technology that I wasn’t familiar with before or even knew existed. Having to start in a new industry is always overwhelming because you aren’t aware of certain standards, practices, or knowledge. Which is exciting, but in the moment, I just wish I was already “there”- the place/time I want to be in when the beginning stages are over. It’s a journey to also figure out how to manage a team, how to keep them inspired and on the same page as you. No one teaches you this in school- it’s a lot of self-taught and learn as we go. Another obstacle, for me personally with the company is finding the right technical co-founder. It’s like the dating scene, and you want to find your soulmate to raise a family with. It’s the same concept for tech startups and founders. I haven't found my “techmate”, but I am in no rush and want it to be an organic bond.

5. What are the best and worst things about being a CEO of a young startup?

The best thing about being a CEO for a young startup is that you have the ability to build a company from scratch- values, work environment, and community. It’s like creating your own little world but in the process of also providing jobs and inspiration for others’ journeys. The worst part is whenever I experience imposter syndrome sometimes and think “Who do I think I am? Why me? What am I doing?”. It’s like a bad friend in your head saying that you aren’t good enough. But also, I guess another con is that you have to figure out everything on your own- no one can tell you how to make a decision. Plus, you work more hours because it’s something that you sort of become “obsessed” with. Something that can be both- “best and worst”- is that the startup environment is “risky” because you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I like the feeling of not completely knowing how things will work out, but you have faith.

6. Why are you passionate about content creation and what content creators do?

I’m passionate because I am a content creator myself and I get inspired by others’ works. So, I find it beautiful when someone can express themselves and create images/videos/material from a thought in their head. It’s fun to make content that provokes an emotion from people and seeing people work together to do so is also inspiring.

7. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to people management?

The biggest challenge in managing people is trying to live your life based on what you preach, and having the role as a model to others. I want to be the kind of boss or leader that brings value to others’ lives and hopefully have connections that are meaningful- not just “boss and employee” relationships. Forming those relationships must have a foundation of trust and vulnerability, which is something that takes time. So forming these kinds of bonds is challenging but also the greatest part of managing people.

8. What makes Vivefi special and different from other networking platforms?

Vivefi is specifically a platform that connects creators to others by providing a place to show off their work, services, and receive client/collaborator feedback once you’ve worked with a creator. No more word-of-mouth or searching through the other social platforms to try to find a photographer, videographer, or anyone in the creative industry. Vivefi also focuses on connecting and collaborating. The intention of the platform is to create and hopefully find someone that can help you bring your creative idea to life.

9. What are Vivefi’s goals and mission for the next 2-5 years?

I hope in the next 2-5 years that Vivefi is a well-known platform that creators use to discover each other and book gigs. Not to mention, having a lot of creative projects being produced more because Vivefi has helped them. No more, paper and pen and wasting time on never starting on your vision. But if you’re asking about deadlines? I hope at the end of 2020 to have the first version launched. In the first two years, I hope to either be accepted to a tech accelerator program or raise funding from venture capitalists.

9. And lastly, who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my support system-which is my family and friends. If it wasn’t for their love then I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I don’t think I have a particular inspirational figure to look up to (although I love Rihanna). I mostly find a lot of my inspiration for Vivefi from reading books and having conversations with people- especially hearing their story or what it is that they are going through. It helps me paint a new perspective.

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