Connect, Collaborate, and Create

Vivefi is on a mission to help people who have creative endeavors by giving them the tools that they need to realize their dreams and potential to leverage their platforms.

We are a digital content creating platform that allows the artists at heart to integrate the creative process from ideas to visual identity, visual identity to communication, and communication to collaboration.


The Problem

There’s no online platform specifically to connect creative talents and provide the tools to make collaboration easier

Creative people come into the workplace as someone they aren’t 

 Lack of clarity within communication and collaborations

 Lack of synchronization of a creative team

No way of discovering the great work happening in the creative economy

Our Approach

 A technology-powered tool that is an all-in-one collaboratory network for creators. 


  • Show off your work and creative services to others!

  • Discover and connect with people in the creative community

  • No follower count, let's just create. Users are able to rate each other anonymously after  collaborating


Online network of creators



  • Make it easier to untangle creative processes with a tasks management dashboard

  • Content Library: store your inspiration photos, videos, and files in one place

  • Plan and organize your projects with chats, to-do lists and calendar

Manage and collaborate on projects while on the go


Pay creators



  • Make sure you are paid or pay your creators in a timely fashion

  • With Vivefi Pro, you can access invoicing tools: display your rates and create media kits


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