Creative Chaos

We help creative professionals plan and prepare their concepts for production more efficiently, with our platform, by providing all their tools in one place.

The Problem


Creative professionals have an unestablished workflow by resorting to multiple solutions

Constantly emailing and waiting for  client approvals

Wasting time with management tools that aren't aligned with their unique workflow

Only able to onboard a few projects-missing out on opportunities

No designated place to store and share all their inspiration resources or creative outlines


Vivefi Centralizes Vital Creative Project Resources


Creative Briefs

Documents used to develop creative deliverables: visual design, copy, advertising, web sites, etc. and approved by the client/creative team


Creative Boards 

Creative professionals use visual organization boards, such as moodboards and storyboards, that consists of illustrations/images displayed for the purpose of pre-visualizing a creative concept.


Client Approvals

Customer relationship management: Creative professionals need their client's approvals/signatures before production


Project Management

Creative professionals are provided with planning tools: tasks manager and scheduler.